Concealed Blinds

We help you recess or fully conceal blinds in both windows and skylights. We have been working together with leading architects, interior designers and their clients for more than 30 years, to design and install blinds that are an integral part of the overall design. 
Today’s discerning home owner has to consider for motorised blinds in new build and upgrade projects. Smart home products includes the option to control your blinds from mobile devices and voice-controlled devices. More and more clients also want to consider the option of concealing their blinds. The end result of fully motorised and fully concealed blinds is stunning. 

There are several ways to conceal blinds depending on the products and setting. On request, Grants expertise will contribute to the design detail, to ensure blinds are the least visible when not in use. 

Grants has used this unique experience to co-design a new system installed during construction or refurbishment, for blinds to be fully concealed within the minimum amount of space. This system can conceal single, dual and multiple blinds as well as side channels. This enables beautifully built-in 100% blackout blinds and also insect screens. 

Blinds installed using this system have the additional advantages that the area is prepared and completed within the project, but the blinds do not have to be installed until all the building work is complete. Blinds remain accessible long term for maintenance or replacement after installation.

Research & Development

With a long history in designing, manufacturing and fitting blinds, Grants are always looking at current problem, adn designing new solutions for the market.

BlindSpace is a unique solution that ensures that retracted blinds are completely concealed in their own housing, and that the aesthetics of the room its self aren't compromised.

Key Features

  • Complete Concealment
  • Vertical and horizontal Solution
  • Does not limit the blind material choices
  • Ideal for domestic and commercial properties
  • Ideal for use within roof lanterns
  • Ideal for window blinds
  • Custom build and fit

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