Traditional French Pinoleum Blinds

Traditional French pinoleum blinds have a rich heritage and – fully updated for modern living – now offer enhanced insulation. Popular in garden rooms, conservatories, orangeries and other large spaces, French Pinoleum has been used as a versatile shading material for more than 100 years.

Today, the material for our traditional French Pinoleum is woven using narrow strips of carefully prepared wood, with all timber being procured from sustainable sources.

As a natural insulator, Pinoleum has excellent shading properties while it also allows delicately filtered light through the weave, helping create a relaxed colonial feel.

French Pinoleum from Grants stays looking good and can be painted or stained in any colour. Straightforward to install, it requires fewer support wires and, as a semi-rigid material, it is ideal for roof blinds.

French Pinoleum from Grants also features matching or complementary braided edges to further help protect the blind material.

Lining Options

Solarwood ® is our own carefully engineered reflective backing. It increases the reflection of heat, glare and UV transmissions while allowing the soft light effect of the weave to continue to filter through.

The solar reflective lining option provides maximum glare, solar heat gain and insulation efficiencies. The high-performance lining is attached discreetly to the reverse side of the blinds. Providing additional privacy, this option is also recommended in rooms used year round or where excessive heat in a room is an issue.

Key Features

  • Made from fully sustainable resources
  • Filtered light through the weave can create a pleasing and relaxing ambience
  • Material is soft and relaxed offering a gently effective shading solution
  • Roman as standard; roll-up window blind option also available
  • Ideal for use within roof lanterns
  • Ideal for window blinds
  • Excellent solar heat reduction properties
  • Wide range of colour choices available
  • Can be custom-painted
  • Available with lining as an optional extra, offering greater privacy
  • Wide range of bespoke designs and borders possible through individual commissions

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