Blinds for Bi-Folding Doors

Designed for Living

When Caroline and Petro found their new house, they knew one thing for certain – they wanted to radically change the downstairs. “It was a five-bedroom house,” says Caroline, “but the kitchen was tiny. We completely redesigned the downstairs to create a living space that is, in part, open plan. We essentially added an L-shape to the back of the house. We also wanted large doors on to the garden and an expanse of glass, so we could link the outdoors with inside and could have that outdoor/indoor dining feel.

”The couple moved in and lived in the house for about six months while they decided what to do about the shading in the new room.

“I briefly considered curtains,” Caroline says, “but I felt they would be wrong in a kitchen.

“We knew we needed something as we moved in over the summer and it was too hot in the kitchen with the sun coming in and, by the winter when the blinds were fitted, it had started to feel quite chilly at times.”

In the end fully motorised Grants roller blinds in Jidda striped fabric proved the answer.

“They are better than we could have imagined,” Petro says. “We can control them all together at a touch of a button, or open and close them individually.”

Caroline agrees: “If we’d chosen manual blinds, we would have had to spend 10 minutes in the morning just opening them. We also like the fact we have a control panel on the wall, as well as a remote handset; it just makes things very easy.”

The couple, who live in Hampshire with their two children, 16 and 11, wanted to create a space where they could come together as a family, but also one that was sleek and modern. Elements such as a porcelain tiled floor, a gloss white kitchen and a lighting system that offers around 65,000 different colours work together to create a space that the couple describe as ‘the central hub, the heart of the home’.

“Everyone goes off and does their own thing, but we all meet up in here several times a day,” says Caroline. “We also entertain in here and we have doors in the sitting room that allow it to open up into this room.

“We chose natural, muted colours for the blinds, but didn’t want to go for a single colour. Instead we chose stripes because it breaks it up a bit.”

“They look great when they’re down, but also open too,” Petro adds.
“They look really smart – they frame the window somehow.”