Electric Blinds and Motorised Solutions

Motorised System Types

Stand-alone system

Where blinds are being fitted retrospectively or in a particular area of the house – a garden room for example – a stand alone system would normally be installed which would just operate the blinds. This means the blinds would have their own power source, motors, transformers (if low voltage) and controls (handset or wall mounted switch). Blinds can be linked to work together within the stand-alone system or work individually as required.

Complete home automation system

Where blinds are being included to work with a central control system in the home that operate the audio-visual, lighting, security and so, and not just the blinds. In these cases the blinds are either completely operated from the home automation system or have the stand-alone remote control option as well.

Wi-fi control systems

Simple wi-fi solutions are being sourced where the blinds can be operated from mobile devices. This is not yet available for all types of blinds.

Blinds Activation

Motorised blinds are activated either via a hard wire connection from the control point to each motor or by using ‘wireless’ or RTS (radio transmitted signal) to a radio receiver connected to the blinds. Stand-alone systems tend to use the RTS method whereas home automation systems have a hard wired connection. The final specification will depend on what is available and required. More complex installation will need additional component to enable the blinds controller and the home automation system to ‘talk’ to each other.

Blind systems can be operated via wall-mounted control switches and/or a remote control handset. Blinds can be operated independently and/or in groups:

Remote control handsets can be a single channel to 16 channels on one handset.

As many blinds as required can be operated in a single group from 2-100.

Power and Wiring

For motorized blinds to function they will need to have a power source which can be provided in a number of ways.

All motors except the battery will require a hard-wired connection from the power source to the window motor. In some instances this can be done in series.

Wiring requirements may vary depending on type, size and quantity of blinds. Final specification should be requested from Grants for any specific project.
Wiring diagrams
Generic wiring diagrams are available for standard installations and for more complex installations. Specific wiring diagrams are provided on request for orders placed.

If you would like help with your project please call our helpline on 01982 720000 or email enquiries@grantsblinds.com.

Key Features

  • Motorised blinds are not just for conservatories and orangeries – they can be installed in any room in the house.
  • A range of control units are available, including hand-held remote controls through towall-mounted panels and apps on mobile devices.
  • Motorised blinds are not subject to mishandling of manually operated blinds.
  • The motors units that raise or lower motorised blinds are discretely housed within the top housing, meaning they are almost invisible within the decor of the room.
  • Motorised blinds can be retro-fitted or planned in detail at the design stage of your project.
  • All motorised blinds from Grants are guaranteed for five years.
  • Our motorised blinds are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics designed to compliment any interior space.

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