Second Showcase Showroom to open in central London

Grants and David Salisbury is currently building a second showroom, close to our orangery at The Chelsea Gardener. The new showroom is in the style of a modern kitchen extension with large glazing areas, sloping head floor to ceiling windows and three skylights. You will find curtains with beautifully recessed tracks, built in and fully concealed Lutron self-aligning blinds in windows, and totally concealed double blinds including the hem bars within skylights showing blackout, sunscreen, flyscreen, and blinds in new materials.

Featuring the art of concealed blinds, the new showroom is a unique opportunity to see, touch and understand how we are becoming the market leader. To conceal blinds and wires with minimum visual impact, planning for shading must be done early so there is space available around skylights and bi-folding doors. In the new showroom we are using 100x80MM blindspace boxes across the full width of the floor-to-ceiling glazing area, and larger customized boxes for double blinds in skylights. Just as you are recessing and preparing electrical wiring for spotlights and speakers today, you can now easily plan to recess curtain tracks prepared for motorised or manual curtains. 

Being able to visit a working showroom and talk to professionals with years of practical knowledge made the difference to my project.

We partner with architects and interior designers to provide state-of-the-art end solutions, from the design and conception of the project until the completion and beyond. We are interested in your ideas and are happy to help so give us a call at 0800 652 2190, or send us an email