Smart blinds for smart homes

There is a growing interest in motorised blinds, both stand-alone products and integrated with systems such as Apple HomeKit, Nest, and Crestron.

Grants is a solution-led company, and a Lutron approved specialist fabricator.  Based on over 35 years of experience, we design bespoke products to work with any type of window, gable or skylight. With our new solution to conceal blinds, motorised blinds can be hidden for minimum visual impact and noise.

concealed kitchen blinds

Architects and interior designers are increasingly considering blinds as part of daylighting design for buildings. Consideration should start at the building’s conceptual design phase, when working on shapes and window sizes.

Home owners are requesting concealed blinds that can be controlled by phones or digital personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa, integrated with home automation systems. By preparing new buildings with concealed Blindspace boxes, architects are now able to provide a space for blinds early on, still leaving all options for blind selection to later. 

concealed blinds
concealed blinds

concealed blackout blinds