Skylight Blinds and Rooflight Solutions

Planning For

A Skylight or Lantern can introduce light to otherwise dark areas but it can also introduce, heat, glare and light when it is not wanted. For these reasons it is important to select the right shading solution to be sure you can control and enjoy these new areas.

What is the room that has the skylight in to be used for?

  • A Living Room – Is it just screening to reduce heat and glare – does it need to be blackout?
  • An Entrance area or stairwell – This would normally require screening to reduce heat and glare, would not require blackout
  • A Media Room – You will need to at least dim out the room if you are to use during the day time
  • A Kitchen – You will need to be able to control the temperature and heat as it a working environment
  • A Bedroom – You will probably want dim out or 100% Blackout

Will you want the blinds to be purely functional? There when you want them but as neat/out of sight as possible when not required. You will probably be looking at a Horizontal Blind Solution rather than one that follows the roof line (if applicable)

  • Endurashade Roof Roller Blinds For more information see Rollers
  • Honeycell Duette® Blinds For more information see Honeycell Duette®
  • Fixed Venetian Blinds For more information see Wooden venetians
  • Endurashade Sun Protection System, Roman style

Are the blinds to be a feature of the room? – giving some feeling of warmth and give some decorative appeal at night time for example? These will probably follow the roof line (if applicable) or be the Sun Protection system with no guide wires.

  • French Pinoleum Blinds For more information see pinoleum
  • Endurashade Sun Protection System, Roman style

Blinds can often be concealed so that they can’t be easily seen when not required is this is something you are want consider?

  • Blinds Cassette – can be installed retrospectively, available with certain products such as roller blinds only
  • Blinds Pelmet – built in during construction, the size of this will depend on the product/supplier you choose
  • Blinds Box/Recess – built in during construction, the size of this will depend on the product/supplier you choose

What density will you require the blinds material to be?

  • Blackout 100% – not easily achieved – will require side channels, do these need to be built in during construction?
  • Dimout – can be achieved using a blackout material and a solution with the least No.of blinds
  • Privacy – easily achieved using an opaque material but not necessarily light reducing material
  • Screen – easily achievable with 1% 3% and 5% visibility but do not give not privacy at night time

We recommend for ease of operation that all skylight blinds are motorized?

  • Do you have the necessary power provision?
  • Power provisions will vary depending on size and product chosen
  • Low voltage motor solutions will require transformers, these would be positioned where they can’t be seen
  • Rechargeable battery solutions are improving all the time but are limited to certain products.

For more information go to Motorization

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main reasons for having blinds fitted to a skylight or lantern area?

This depends on the room in question but in a bedroom, for example, blinds to a skylight or lantern will make the room considerably darker at night. This, in turn, can lend a bedroom a more dressed feel. Blinds can also keep any room cooler on warmer days and reduce the amount of glare entering the room.

We’re looking for a minimalist feel to our interior space. Won’t skylight or lantern blinds tend to interfere with this effect?

On the contrary, lantern and skylight blinds can help achieve a pulled-together look. Blinds can often be stacked within the ceiling or lantern/skylight construction, meaning they will be out of the way entirely when not being used. Grants can also work with architects, builders and designers to ensure such considerations are planned in at the earliest stage.

Lining Options

Solarwood ® is our own carefully engineered reflective backing. It increases the reflection of heat, glare and UV transmissions while allowing the soft light effect of the weave to continue to filter through.

The solar reflective lining option provides maximum glare, solar heat gain and insulation efficiencies. The high-performance lining is attached discreetly to the reverse side of the blinds. Providing additional privacy, this option is also recommended in rooms used year round or where excessive heat in a room is an issue.

Key Features

  • Made from fully sustainable resources
  • Filtered light through the weave can create a pleasing and relaxing ambience
  • Material is soft and relaxed offering a gently effective shading solution
  • Roman as standard; roll-up window blind option also available
  • Ideal for use within roof lanterns
  • Ideal for window blinds
  • Excellent solar heat reduction properties
  • Wide range of colour choices available
  • Can be custom-painted
  • Available with lining as an optional extra, offering greater privacy
  • Wide range of bespoke designs and borders possible through individual commissions

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