CPD Training for Architects

CPD Training
CPD Training

With state-of-the-art bespoke installations worldwide since 1982, Grants is perfectly placed to provide you and your colleagues the opportunity to learn new subject matter on blinds for windows, skylights and gables.

There are increasing requirements to design smart homes with concealed and automated shading solutions to control natural light. To provide home owners with smart solutions, architects need to be up-to-date with current best practice, and aware of different design considerations.

This seminar looks at the rationale to provide for blinds early in projects, important design considerations for specific applications, an innovative solution to conceal blinds, and several case studies.

Key Learning Aims

  • Understand why concealed blinds are a fundamental early project stage design consideration for modern homes
  • Be aware of the possibility to future proof buildings for concealed blinds without installing any
  • Meet increasing requirement for automated and concealed blinds
  • How to incorporate blinds into home automation systems
  • Increase awareness of design principles, blind choices and options available
  • Increased understanding how to best shape roof lights
  • Understand challenges when including blinds in residential projects 
  • Gain learning’s from several case studies
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