Grants offers dependable procurement services, streamlining the process to ensure a seamless project execution. Our expertise in procurement allows us to prepare detailed specifications, ensuring that all components meet your project's requirements. We meticulously ensure compatibility among different elements, eliminating any potential issues.

Our comprehensive equipment schedules keep you well-informed about the delivery and installation timeline. With our detailed costing package, you have a clear understanding of the expenses involved. We provide comprehensive notes for installers, offering precise guidance for a smooth and efficient installation process. Trust in our reliable procurement services to simplify the procurement journey and contribute to the success of your project. Contact us today to discuss your procurement needs and benefit from our expertise.


Access Leading
& Specialist Suppliers

Depending on your project requirements, Grants have good relationships with suppliers around the world. We can also tailor products together with suppliers to suit specific project needs.

Our procurement team will work closely with the Project Manager and Client Team to ensure products are delivered when required. When necessary, products can be stored at the Grants workroom.

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Tailored Solutions for Ballyfin's Project Success

For the Ballyfin project, specialised products were sourced and developed from reliable European partners. The natural French Pinoleum Material required flame-retardant material bathing and anti-fungicidal treatments spray applied to the material, with different suppliers. Purpose-designed bracketry was finalised and made in the UK, powder coated to agreed colour. The Grants team also coordinated the final detail of the curved rail guide system. The overseas location of Ballyfin, meant we also had to organize travel, accommodation, shipping and transport for UK based installers. Local suppliers were procured when possible.


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