Focusing on larger new build projects, Grants offers professional project management services to ensure the smooth execution of your project from start to finish. We believe our Project Management Service sets us apart as industry experts. Our experienced Project Managers attend site meetings as your trusted representatives, providing valuable support and guidance.


Scope of Services

Specifying the desired outcomes, functionality, aesthetics, and performance criteria for the project. Design specifications cover architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and other design aspects. They define the dimensions, materials, finishes, and other design considerations necessary for the project.


We can provide project schedules, progress reports, coordination documents, installation plans, and other necessary documentation as specified.

Communication and Coordination

We can establish communication channels and protocols for effective interaction with the Client team and together, we determine the frequency of project meetings, reporting requirements, and the process for handling design changes.

Quality Control

We can implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure compliance with design specifications, relevant standards, and local building codes. This includes testing, inspection, and the provision of necessary documentation for warranty or certification purposes.

Project Schedule

We will specify key milestones, deadlines, and critical path activities. Additionally, we will include provisions for managing delays, change orders, and potential risks or contingencies that may affect the project timeline.

Budget and Cost Management

We will specify the requirements for estimating, tracking, and reporting project costs. Our provisions will cover managing scope variations, change orders, and any additional costs that may arise during the project.

Health and Safety

We will fulfil our obligations regarding health and safety regulations, including the provision of necessary safety equipment, training, and adherence to site-specific safety protocols.

Documentation and Record-Keeping

We will specify the types of documents to be generated, stored, and shared throughout the project, such as drawings, specifications, correspondence, and meeting minutes.

Insurance and Liability

We will ensure that we carry adequate insurance coverage and any other coverage relevant to our services.

Contractual Agreements

If applicable, we will outline any specific contractual agreements between Grants and the Client/Client’s team. This may include provisions related to the products and services, payment terms, confidentiality and the use of photography.

Latest Projects

A Showcase of Our Managed Projects

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Managing Innovation from Concept to Installation at Ballyfin

The Ballyfin project included novel products which required a mock-up installation of working blinds to establish final sizing with precise templating for final manufacturing purposes. Detailed CAD drawings were made and final deductions applied to get production sizing. In addition, wiring diagrams were drawn up to enable client’s electrician to install wiring prior to installation of blinds on site. A separate survey by the Facia Team with the Design Team present was done to finalize facia design. Colour matching to the structure colour was applied to all blinds hardware and brackets to minimize the visual impact proposed blinds would have. Once products and bracketry were ready, the core Installation Team carried out the installation with the specialist installers coming to dress the material once fitted. Electrical connections were made, blinds commissioned and then facias was mounted.


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