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Duette® Blinds

Duette® blinds, also called Honeycell Duette® blinds or Honeycombe Duette® blinds, offer privacy, light control, blackout, sound absorption and insulation for any window. Being very flexible makes Duette® blinds ideal also for shaped windows such as complex garden room roofs and the increasingly popular gable windows. It is easy to hide the stack when not in use below or above the glazing area. Duette® blinds can be electric or operated manually.

Cellular Blinds

Duette® blinds are constructed with horizontal open cells that resemble a honeycomb when viewed from the side. The cellular shape traps the air which results in excellent insulation properties. These are single-cell thickness as standard but are also available as a double-cell construction for increased insulation properties. Duette® blinds come in a 25mm width cell as standard but wider cell widths are also available for an even more contemporary style when required.

Pleated & Cellular Blinds
Duette® Blinds

Insulated Blinds

One of the best features of Duette® blinds is their insulation and the energy-saving values that the fabric adds to the window. Up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling can be lost through its windows. Duette® blinds can reduce unwanted solar heat gain in the summer by up to 87% and also cut heat loss through windows in the winter up to 46%. To optimize insulation properties Honeycell Duette® blinds should be installed close to the window, ideally with side tracks and have the foil internal lining (Cranbourne Blackout) for maximum performance.


Duette® blinds are made from woven polyester material. Grants provide a wide selection of ranges and colours and are Duo-Tone as standard with white reverse colour to enable clients to have a consistent colour with maximum reflection. This enables you to have different colours from room to room and still provide the same colour on the reverse of the blind making your house look in keeping with the other rooms. Depending on the fabric used, the intensity of outside sounds can be reduced using the Duette® blind sound absorption properties.

Stacking Blinds

The most common installation is top-down where the blind stack sits in the top of the window when retracted. For shaped windows, the stack can be mounted on the angled top and fan out and then drop horizontally if the window requires. With bottom-up blinds installations there is the added benefit of providing privacy when partly retracted. Bottom-up blinds are also suitable for gables and arch-shaped windows.

Side Tracks

Even with bespoke installations of Duette® blinds, there is a small gap between the blind and the window frame. To close the gap, blinds can be mounted with sidetracks. This also creates greater energy savings and reduces light seepage where Blackout is required. Sidetracks can be surface mounted with hardware matching the window frame, or concealed in Blindspace® side boxes.

Concealing Blinds

Duette® blinds can be recessed in blind pockets or fully concealed with Blindspace® Boxes. For roof glazing and bottom-up installations, Duette® blinds need to have permanent guide wires across the window. For smaller windows, cords or tracks can be concealed in Blindspace® side boxes. Boxes can be placed above, below and on the side of the window or sliding door.

Duette® Blinds
Duette® Blinds
Duette® Blinds
Duette® Blinds


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