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Architectural Shading Solutions for Glazed Corners

Glazed corner windows are often a feature but can be a challenge when it comes to light and privacy control. With the increased popularity for slimline glazing and floating corner posts, together with the demand for minimalism, shading solutions need to be considered early in the project.

Shading options for corner windows

Popular products for corner windows include Roller blinds, Honeycell Duette® and Curtains with curved tracks. Other solutions used include Roman and Venetian blinds. With planning, these products can be flush or concealed to minimize the visual impact when not required. For retrofit installations, pelmets, and surface-mounted concealment boxes can be colour-matched to the corner window structure.

How to prepare a corner window for concealed blinds

We often recommend including a concealed blind to control privacy and light - add a voile curtain to provide softness if required. The concealed blind can be made using blackout, privacy or screen material. Where maximum blackout solutions are required, in bedrooms and media rooms, light ingress reduction products can often be included in the design. The space required to conceal blinds depends on the shading products to be installed.

Standard Roller Blinds

Blinds are best reversed rolled, with the blind towards the room, to minimize the gap between the two blinds in the corner. These products are available from Grants with Somfy, Lutron and Silent Gliss motors.Blindspace concealment boxes can be butt-jointed or mitred in the corner. Standard sizes are 100mm x 100mm and 110mm x 130mm for headboxes and 110mm x 50mm for side boxes.

Corner Zip Roller Blind

Space permitting, a dual Roller Blind product from Renson that zips together when lowered can be installed to avoid having the gap between the two blinds. The corner zip blind can be concealed within head boxes and side boxes, hiding the vertical side channels at the two sides. Certain restrictions in the design and accessibility need to be considered for these blinds.

Blackout Roller Blind with corner post

Dual blackout Roller blind solutions with side channels to reduce light ingress can be designed to work in a corner where there is a corner post available. These products are available from Grants with Somfy, Lutron and Silent Gliss motors. Design consideration is needed to ensure a good aesthetic finish is obtained. Grants provide bespoke solutions to incorporate concealment products into corner posts.

Honeycell Duette® Blinds

These 25mm pleated type blinds, can work well in a corner as they sit close to one another. These blinds also work well combined with shaped windows and gables. Suitable for concealment, Duette® Blinds can be hidden within boxes when planned or behind pelmets in a retro-fit installation.

Straight and Curved Curtain Tracks

Flush-mounted curtain tracks look great in a corner window either as two straight tracks, running into the corner or a single track with 90 degrees curve. Popular radius dimensions vary between 300mm and 500mm. There is also the option for dual curtain tracks running parallel, where a blackout and voile curtain are desired. These products are available from Grants with Somfy, Lutron and Silent Gliss motors.

For the best result, think ahead for corner windows and contact us early to discuss your project.


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