Handmade Wooden Shutters

In the swim with this perfect pool house

Perhaps one of the greatest luxuries of modern life is a pool of one’s own. This pool room – housed in the basement of a stunning modern property in Wentworth – is a brilliant example of just how stunning this kind of space can be made to look.

The pool room is part of a whole house project and is made up of the pool area, a whirlpool bath, changing rooms, shower area and an-air conditioned exercise room, all centered around an inviting azure swimming pool.

Ameeta and Ashwan wanted shading solutions that were in keeping with the luxurious feel of the room and chose Grants shutters for both the smaller window and the large expanse of glass doors.

Shutters are perfect for this kind of room as they allow you to easily control the amount of light and heat coming into the room. Often, on a sunny day it is really lovely to have the doors fully open and warm air and sunshine flooding in. Because the shutters are fully retractable this is very easy to do.

This room offers a perfect example of how carefully chosen shutters can afford a room a really polished finish and can work brilliantly with the muted tones used here to create a really stunning place to relax.

Ameeta says: “We chose shutters for the pool room partly because of privacy issues, but mainly because we thought they enhanced the look of the room, giving it a really unified feel. We opted for white as it went perfectly with the scheme of the room and kept it feeling light and airy.”