Everything About Ballyfin is Special

Including the blinds

Ballyfin Demesne, an opulent estate nestled in County Laois, Ireland, boasts a captivating history dating back to the early 19th century. Constructed between 1800 and 1820 by Sir Charles Coote, the magnificent Ballyfin House, designed by acclaimed architects Sir Richard Morrison and William Vitruvius Morrison, showcases stunning Neo-Classical architecture amidst over 600 acres of picturesque gardens, woodlands, and lakes. Over the years, the estate transitioned from a private residence to a boarding school before an extensive restoration project in the early 2000s revived its splendor. Reopened as a luxurious hotel in 2011, Ballyfin Demesne offers guests an immersive experience, seamlessly blending historical grandeur with contemporary luxury, inviting all to revel in its timeless beauty and tranquility amidst the Irish countryside.


Welcome to Ballyfin

5 Star luxury country house hotel in the heart of Ireland. Set at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains in the centre of Ireland, Ballyfin is a place of history and romance, of tranquility and great natural beauty.


The Ballyfin Garden Room is the room to relax and enjoy its beautiful suroundings.


Words from the general Manager at Ballyfin

Grants worked closely with the London designer Collin Orchard and the General Manager Peter White at Ballyfin Demesne throughout the process from initial enquiry to commissioning of blinds. We asked Peter to say a few words…

Everything about Ballyfin is special including the unique conservatory from the 1850s. Our Guests loved to spend time in here, however it was often too hot and bright to be comfortable. We needed the end result to be beautiful at all times, preserving the delicate structure, representing the period and any solutions to be fully retractable when not required.

The solution that Grants designed, using French Pinoleum Round weave in natural finish, cleverly following the roof structure and hidden within concealment facia to match structure, has exceeded all expectations. We are very proud of the end result and we thank Grants for an amazing job. Thank you.

Peter White
General Manager at Ballyfin
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The Ballyfin Garden Room is the Room to Relax and Enjoy Its Beautiful SuRroundings.


Grants Services

Design Consulting

The garden room at Ballyfin is a beautiful 170-year-old cast-iron structure that was too bright and hot with no standard shading options available. The Grants Design Team was asked to create a solution that was fully retractable so that the beautiful transparency of the design could still be enjoyed when blinds were open. Several options were designed and visualised to the client with the corresponding costings noted. During the design process, Grants prototyped the solution and worked with the designer for finish, weave and facia design to conceal the blind stack when opened.


Technical Consulting

Once the concept design had been settled, Grants needed to work through the technical aspects of how everything would work. Whilst the room looked beautiful, over time the building had become out of true, careful considerations had to be given to create the least impact when the blinds were retracted. The structure was a mixture of cast and wrought iron, which can rust or flake over time. Fixing methods needed to be adopted that would not put unnecessary strain on the building and relied on weights as well as fixing points which meant special bracketry was designed and made specifically for this project.


Project Management

The Ballyfin project included novel products which required a mock-up installation of working blinds to establish final sizing with precise templating for manufacturing purposes. Detailed CAD drawings were made and final deductions applied to get production sizing. In addition, wiring diagrams were drawn up to enable our client’s electrician to install wiring prior to the installation of blinds on site. A separate survey undertaken by the Fascia & Design Team was carried out to finalisethe fascia design. Colourmatching to the structure colourwas applied to all blind hardware and brackets to minimisethe visual impact the proposed blinds would have. Once products and bracketry were ready, the core Installation Team carried out the implementation with the specialist fitters coming to dress the material once fitted. Electrical connections were made, blinds commissioned and then fascias were mounted.


Procurement Services

For the Ballyfin project, specialised products were sourced and developed from reliable European partners. The natural French Pinoleum Material required flame-retardant material bathing and anti-fungicidal treatments spray applied to the material, with different suppliers. Purpose-designed bracketry was finalized and made in the UK, powder coated to agreed colour. The Grants team also coordinated the final detail of the curved rail guide system. The overseas location of Ballyfin, meant we also had to organize travel, accommodation, shipping and transport for UK based installers. Local suppliers were procured when possible.


Bespoke Products

This installation was bespoke in every sense, each blind had to be templated to fit and follow the curved roof structure withoutinterfering with the adjacent blinds. The hardware was finished in a colour closely matching to the structure and fitted before the templates were made. Grants inhouse production in Kent produced the blind panels which were in turn edge braided to protect the edges from damage over time.

Each blind had to have rings positioned correctly on the rear side so that the folds between all the blinds were aligned. The blinds were then prepared for shipping as the installation was overseas.


Installation & Aftercare

Garden room projects benefit from Grants Platinum Service whereby the technicians visit on an annual basis to check for normal wear and tear. The Platinum Service Includes:

Removal of all blinds from their brackets so any dirt or debris can be removed from the blind.

Removal of any surface marks from hardware.

Checking of any wear and tear of components and their replacement if necessary.

Refitting of blinds, checking & re - tensioning of all wires and cords.

Cleaning and re-silicone roof support wires where appropriate.

Checking of programming, operation and replacement of handset batteries if necessary.

Installation & Aftercare
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Kensington Lightwell

This unique Kensington home replaced a garage/parking area on a typical London mews street. For planning reasons, the luxury home had to be kept largely below ground level. The architect, working closely with the property developer, wanted to bring natural daylight to every part of the house. The resulting ingenious design included large window areas, skylights, floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors, bringing a great feel of space inside the small property.

At the centre of the house, above the kitchen and floor opening, a 6x5 metre skylight window brings daylight to the living area as well as the underground social area and bedrooms.

GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell

The house has a minimalist style throughout with concealed sliding doors, recessed lighting, speakers, curtain tracks and shelves. Everything in the house has been planned in great detail to the highest specification, including the glazing treatments.

Downstairs bedrooms have floor to ceiling windows towards the social area to let daylight in from the floor above.

To provide privacy, blackout and window dressing, concealed roller blinds were installed in each window together with bespoke wave curtains in recessed curtain tracks.

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Kensington Lightwell
Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell
GRANTS CASE Kensington Lightwell

Kensington Lightwell

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